Mocking the big O

The multi-national corporate agenda has gotten so blatant, so shameless, and so desperate to assert itself in one last dying gasp (now that its anti-human machinations are so apparent to we the people of these supposed democracies), that it has moved firmly onto the caricature stage.

Canada’s prime example of this is the tar sands/Enbridge pipeline fiasco, which our oil-owned “majority” governing Conservative party has openly decided to push through, despite all inconvenient scientific or democratic arguments against it. Continue reading “Mocking the big O”

I just sent an …

I just sent an email to our Beloved Leader from this page on the excellent site. I thought i’d better put a copy of my letter up here, in case the PMO’s security squad decides i’m a danger to his highness and want to disappear me. Seems like anything’s on the table with this guy, now that he’s got his democratic majority — even tactics that undermine the democracy that gave him the majority.  Anyways:  Continue reading “I just sent an …”

My letter to Rich

Rich Coleman, Minister responsible for Gaming;
Kevin Krueger, Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture
Premier Gordon Campbell

cc: Scott Fraser, MLA

Dear Honourable Members,

It’s finally sinking in, just what your BC Liberal government has done to arts and culture in B.C. Your most recent kick in the teeth will cripple the creative life of this province for decades.

Your unprecedented, sweeping and brutal cuts display an astonishing ignorance of what holds a society together. As government, are you merely the manager of our economy? Or are you the stewards of our society? Because a society requires much, much more than a balanced till at the end of the day. Exactly what else could be the topic of an interesting debate, but one ingredient every side would agree on is that a functioning society requires a strong culture as the glue that holds it together. This is harder to count than dollars, which is why it takes wisdom and vision to properly lead. The cuts you have just affected, I’m afraid, put you out of that club.

In an economic downturn, interest in culture expands. There’s a reason visionary leaders, like President Obama in the U.S., have increased cultural spending in these recessionary times. Continue reading “My letter to Rich”