Saskatchewan River trip

The re-enactment of a historic 1908 river trip down the Saskatchewan River system

Map of the trip

Sylvia Harron, me, and the oar-powered punt Ambrose Jane at the put-in on the Bow River, Medicine Hat, Alberta. July 2, 2000.

Trip journal and photos:

  1. Canyon rats : Learning the ropes
  2. Where’s the Dief? : It’s a lo-o-ong lake
  3. Stormbound! : What’s all the fuss?
  4. City slickers : Ahh, luxury!
  5. To the Forks : Civilization, adieu
  6. Lake country : Those damn dams
  7. Into the wild : The river goes nuts!
  8. The big push : This is it!
  9. Battle of Cedar Lake :  Stroke! Stroke!
  10. Journey’s end : Alas!

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This site was originally created in Feb, 2001. Reposted here July 2013.

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