The next killer app (you read it hear first)

Here’s an email i sent to, an on-line magazine that is setting a standard in clean, quality on-line reading. I hope they pick up on it and kick off a viral trend for screen display of text.

Well done on your site — it’s great in terms of content, appearance and functionality. I appreciate your attention to detail. I just read Marcin Wichary’s piece Crafting Link Underlines on Medium, and something occurred to me that has bugged me for years, which you folks might be perfectly placed to address. Continue reading “The next killer app (you read it hear first)”

This is us?

Take a close look at the back of the tickets the Co-op is handing out for their Fuel Up to Win contest. You’ll see the logo of some of the biggest food conglomerates in the world, busy pushing sugar, GMOs, worker exploitation and industrial agrobusiness as only soulless multinationals can.

According to the Federated Co-operatives Ltd. website, Co-ops “are unique in the business world because they are owned and controlled by the people they serve.”

Tofino, i have to ask: Coca-Cola, KRAFT, P&G … is this what we stand for?

Co-op Fuel Up to Win ticket 2014-03

A better way to roll

rolled yoga matI’m no yogi, though i’ve attended more than a few yoga classes over the years. But i am an engineer (well, a former engineer), with a practical turn of mind and an eye for detail. I like to see things (especially small things) done in the most efficient way. Call it an occupational OCD.

So i’ve always been a little bemused at the way most people roll up their yoga mats after a class: starting at one end with a tight radius and rolling (often down on their knees on the floor) all the way to the other end, in more or less laborious fashion.  Continue reading “A better way to roll”