Council grants 2016

Here are my notes on the recent council grant awards. I’m not speaking for council here, just giving my impressions of how the conversation went, in hopes that the info will be of use to local nonprofits in future applications.

Big picture, the district has three grant streams available:

  • RMI event grants (for events that fit RMI criteria; awarded by council)
  • arts & culture grants (decided this year by public “Participatory Budgeting” process)
  • council grants (awarded by council)

Each has its own criteria and application deadline. The first two have been awarded already, and we settled the council grants at our 4-May meeting. Continue reading “Council grants 2016”

No second

I had an interesting experience at last week’s council meeting. I made a motion — one i thought a no-brainer, that everyone would of course be on board with — and moved it, carefully worded … and nobody seconded it. That means it dies, falls off the table, is not even discussed. That could be embarrassing, except it wasn’t; i saw it at once as an object lesson in politics. Continue reading “No second”