I write for fun, edification and self-expression — not, given the prevailing business model for writing, for the money. That said, i did make a modest living as a writer for a few years, and have a binder full of print publication credits from the likes of the Vancouver Sun, Pacific Yachting, Sea Kayaker, and a smattering of anthologies and miscellaneous other pubs.

Here are a few short pieces, my preferred medium. (Who has the patience to produce a novel?) There’s social commentary, simple character sketch, fictional wander. And there’s satire. I write quite a lot of that, from gentle spoof to mordant mockery. I can’t help but make fun of things, especially things other people take seriously. This has gotten me in a bit of trouble more than once. But it has also garnered thanks, from those who won’t or can’t speak out (for whatever reason), and those who never gave the topic much thought but decided they agree with me.

Short stories

  • Anvill & the Plan — a hard-boiled saga about doing what a man’s gotta do to make  it through the winter here in Tough City. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.
  • Tofino Abstract (link) — a short, free-form piece on the Tofino Time site



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