on stage at an open mic, Victoria, 2011

i’m greg blanchette — culture fiend, writer/poet/singer, activist, new municipal politician. This lower-case, Tofino-based punctuation lover is a non-profit groupie & livable community advocate. It’s greg blee when a stage is involved.

My intermittent blog is in the menu bar above; writing samples too. Also on Twitter and (to a lesser extent) Facebook.

[This site formerly known as Aimless1.]


summer 2015 –spent, for the first time in 8 years, most of the summer in Tofino. I see what all the fuss is about!

spring 2015 — climbing the long and deep learning curve of municipal governance. And trying to hold true to my election platform.

10 Jan. 2015 — “Aimless1” no more, i renamed this blog and am returning it to active status.

Dec-2014 — To my surprise, squeaked in on the election. Inaugurated today as Tofino’s greenest (in both senses)  municipal councillor. Working to get my head around this trajectory change.

Nov-2014 — Appeared as Oyster Dude in the spoof comic opera Phantom of the Oyster, the 2014 Clayoquot Oyster Festival kick-off event.

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