Dead to my Face(book)

This has been pending for months, as more information comes out about how is selling me and my info up the river to its marketers; as more Facebook privacy concerns come to light; as more annoying, unsolicited emails flood my inbox from Facebook services i never signed up for.

What pushed it over the edge tonight was three things:

  1. Carelessly and inadvertently missing a writers group meeting i was looking forward to, spending the time instead in front of a computer, checking (among other things) my Facebook account.
  2. This post — Users for Sale: Has Digital Illiteracy Turned Us Into Social Commodities? — making quite clear to me what i’ve known all along about whose interest Facebook is really serving.
  3. The realization that “socializing” — indeed, “living” — on-line is not healthy for me, and it’s time to back out and spend a little a lot more time and attention on the old way of doing things, i.e. face-to-face, or at least with my “content” not mediated and data-mined by a massive corporation.

So at about 10:40 p.m. tonight i impulsively began deleting my Facebook account. Continue reading “Dead to my Face(book)”