C-51– a hamfisted mess

Ah, our lovely federal government and its typically clumsy legislation, drafted perhaps with the good of the nation in mind, but invariably filled with enough ideological ballast and constitutional holes that it floats like the Titanic.

This month’s example is Bill C-51: Anti-terrorism Act, 2015An Act to enact the Security of Canada Information Sharing Act and the Secure Air Travel Act, to amend the Criminal Code, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts. (Whew!) Continue reading “C-51– a hamfisted mess”

Council at the movies

Thanks to a volunteer initiative by Citizen V (for “Video” — anonymity requested for now), we’re exploring the subject of presenting council meetings via YouTube. It’s an experiment, V says, “to help improve community engagement.”

The timing of council meetings — 10 a.m., 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month — is not the best for working folks. (We tried evenings in the past, and attendance was even lower.) So now anybody can dial in after the fact, to see and hear the discussions.

Three council meetings are up so far. Here are the links, with their hot issues: Continue reading “Council at the movies”