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I just sent an email to our Beloved Leader from this page on the excellent LeadNow.ca site. I thought i’d better put a copy of my letter up here, in case the PMO’s security squad decides i’m a danger to his highness and want to disappear me. Seems like anything’s on the table with this guy, now that he’s got his democratic majority — even tactics that undermine the democracy that gave him the majority.  Anyways: 

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

Ho-ly cow, i can’t believe what i hear coming out of your office these days. I know you’ve got a real hard-on for Tar Sands development, and i know those mega-corporations are putting a huge squeeze on you. But for you to come out and diss a whole raft of concerned citizens — legitimately concerned, if science carries any weight with you, which i realize it may not — and actually attempt to undermine the whole legal democratic process in order to get what you want … well, that’s going beyond the pale.

As a British Columbian, i kind of reserve the right to decide what takes place here in BC. We’re a pretty enlightened bunch, environmentally. And if you resort to your usual skullduggery and backroom sneaks to try and ram your Tar Sands agenda through against the will of the people … well, we know how to fight back. And we will BRING YOU DOWN, Mr. Dictator Wanna-Be. Believe it.

See, i can make threats too, when my plans — for clean air, a stable atmosphere, an unpolluted ocean for future generations of BCers — are threatened.

Ooh, that was fun; i can see why you like doing it. On a more constructive note, please:

1. Stop your government’s public and private campaign to silence environmental groups.

2. Tell the NEB to rescind its directive that the hearings be prohibited from considering the costs of expanding the tar sands.

3. Instruct the NEB to respect the rights of First Nations to free, prior and informed consent on any project that affects their territory.

That should help to make up for the past two weeks!

~greg blanchette

Author: Greg Blee

Poster to my own gregblee.ca blog, and others.

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