ISA, fish farms, inaction, etc.

I’m getting in a letter-writing mood again. Here’s today’s missive, sent to the federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans via the Wilderness Committee‘s convenient letter-writing tool (in case you want to write one yourself).

It is time, and well past time, for our provincial and federal government, and especially the DFO, to take some meaningful action on protecting wild salmon from the effects of salmon farms. The tactic of waiting for 100% incontestable scientific proof before even beginning to act is no longer supportable, and hasn’t been for years.

There is enough circumstantial evidence — indeed, this recent ISA discovery is beyond circumstantial, it’s a smoking cannon — to justify strong action. Wild salmon are the backbone of this coast in so many ways, and if we let them they can replace every lost job in the fishfarming industry, with the added extra benefit that they will be locally owned and any profits will stay in BC, not be siphoned off to Norway.

I’m really getting angry at my governments, at all levels, stalling on this issue. It just offers up further proof that they are in the pockets of the corporations, and no longer care about what is good for the people or the province. Please prove me wrong on this and get going, REMOVING FISH FARMS FROM PUBLIC WATERS.

Yours, etc.

Author: Greg Blee

Poster to my own blog, and others.

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