The Pyramid

A few pictures will give you the gist. Click to enlarge.

The entranceway to the Pyramid path
It's a five-minute walk (stumble) uphill along a rough, rooty path to the hilltop.
It's hard to get a sense of the Pyramid's shape because it's buried in the trees.

For more pics:

First-level "living room" boasts great ventilation (it only has two walls). Ladder leads up to trapdoor.
Living room also has a fabulous view, through the treetops to the Pacific and Wickaninnish Island. Ropes and nets of the Right-to-Die playground are visible in the trees. The spiral staircase leads to the second level.
Many curios and illustrations have accrued over the years.
The temple demands a certain respect, so i spent a fair amount of time sweeping up all moveable dirt.
The top floor is small, spare and cozy. A suicide stove would provide heat if i had the nerve to fire it up.
The trapdoor provides an alternate way up into the second level. Note the illustrated floor. The walls are decorated with arcane drawings, postcards and slogans.
The second-level porch has a great view, but nothing resembling handrails to preserve you from the 30-foot drop to the forest floor.
The best place to sleep (if you're not claustrophobic) is the loft, up under the peak of the pyramid. There's barely space to roll over, but you look through a skylight up into the treetops -- delightful on a starry night.
Standing up in the loft is barely possible, right under the pyramid's peak.


Author: Greg Blee

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