An open letter back atcha, Minister

It’s nearly 1 a.m. but i could not resist a short diatribe in response to Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver‘s open letter recently published in the Globe & Mail. Give it a read; it’s short, but it’s a remarkable document both in the lines and between them. Ridiculous, unsubstantiated accusations, a transparent wish for concerned citizenry to just get out of the way and let the oil-soaked Conservatives do what they want to do … it boggles the mind. And this is one of our leaders? Heaven help us.

Joe’s email, in case you want to write, is: For added spice, i cc’d the message below to my MP James Lunney ( — a medical man, and thus one who clearly must care more about the future of humanity at large than he does about oil companies’ bottom lines. Right?

My rant:

Wow, Minister Oliver. Your recent “open letter” to the people of Canada was, hands down, the most insulting thing i’ve ever read from an elected MP. Your sweeping characterization of me as a helpless dupe being manipulated by shadowy “foreign funders” was truly breathtaking. And here i thought i was a concerned citizen, trying to keep up with many issues, and making my best judgement on each of them, with one eye on legitimate science and another on the sustainable future world i would like to live in and leave for the children around me.

If you want to see someone being manipulated by foreign funders, i daresay you need only look in the mirror each morning when you shave, before heading out to Parliament Hill for another day of mortaging — nay, selling out wholesale — our children’s future to a world laid waste by climate change and the bottomless greed of Big Oil and its blinkered, shameless patsies. Of which it is now abundantly clear that you, sir, are one, in company with your hallowed leader.

In over 20 years, i’ve never written an insulting letter to an MP. But now you, Minister Oliver, have taken the cake. With all due respect — and in my opinion, markedly less is due this week than last — you ought to be stepping down. Your attitude toward public process is clearly warped beyond the bounds of participatory democracy.

Dr. Lunney, you are my MP, and as a constituent i strongly urge you to call for Minister Oliver’s immediate resignation.

Your very truly,
greg blanchette

My letter to Michaëlle

gg-splash_05The lovely lady holding the reins of Canada in her anachronistic hands is “Michaëlle Jean” <>

Your Excellency,

It is unfortunate that parliament’s political gamesmanship has made you solely responsible for the country’s governance. That’s not what a democracy should be about, and it reflects badly on all our MPs, and particularly on the Conservative governing party.

With respect, I believe you made the wrong decision in allowing Mr. Harper to prorogue parliament in this time of worldwide economic and environmental crisis. There is a willing majority of elected MPs ready to take power, which represents a strong majority of voters in the last (somewhat frivolous) election.

Mr. Harper is apparently more concerned with brokering and increasing his own power than in properly governing the country. Your agreement to suspend parliament is only enabling him in his counterproductive quest. If you will not reverse your decision, please urge Mr. Harper and his cohorts in the strongest terms to work with all other parties to create acceptable governance.


Greg Blanchette, Tofino, BC