Sorry! Or, yes to no housing

The why of another vote ‘against’ housing

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Dear Tent-and-Van-Dwelling Tofino Workers,

This is an apology.

In a momentous decision last Tuesday, council voted 4–2 to halt a 10.8-ha (26.7-acre) development application from Woodsmere Holdings that included 116 apartments (phase 1), a 48-unit motel (phase 2), and 282 other units including rental apartments, single-family lots, duplexes and four-plexes—all to be built out, things going well, over the next ten years.

Woodsmere Site Plan
Woodsmere site plan (concept)

That build won’t happen. Continue reading “Sorry! Or, yes to no housing”

Returning to Spirit

I just finished up a four-day reconciliation workshop called Returning to Spirit. It was an interesting personal and cross-cultural experience that i will be processing for days and weeks to come.

In attendance were “leaders” from both Tla-o-qui-aht and Tofino communities. (I put “leaders” in quotes because i see everyone as both leader and follower; there’s no fixed contingent to which either word applies.)

I expressed interest in the workshop weeks ago, but only fluked into it at the last minute because somebody got suddenly sick. Maybe i was meant to be there. Continue reading “Returning to Spirit”