Fresh eyes

New art by Victoria Leader

I’m no art critic, by any stretch, but i do appreciate viewing an occasional handful of paintings as part of a lively cultural scene. A new art show opened Saturday at Main Street Gallery & Espresso Bar (in Tofino Sea Kayaking, 320 Main St.), at which emerging Tofino artist Victoria Leader displays some recent work.  Continue reading “Fresh eyes”

Double take

Goldsmiths art college student Sam Spenser's installation Bloom in London, Nov. 2007

Trees and brollies — talk about WestCoast-o-philic art! How i’d love to see something like this appear in Ukee or Toff. Nothing shapes WestCoast life like rain, but for all its appearance in the art of the region you’d think we live in a blooming desert.

This is the gift of good public art: surprise, astonishment, a lift out of the ordinary. In my travels across the country these past months i’ve paid a lot of attention to public art and what it adds to a place.

[Step up on soapbox] As a Pacific Rim Arts Society board member, public art is one of the things i hope to bring to our communities. [Wave arms, fall off soapbox.]

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