Bill C-51 not up to snuff!

The following just sent off to my Conservative Member of Parliament, James Lunney <>. Today is‘s National Day of Action to Stand Against the Secret Police Bill C-51. (That’s a mouthful, but C-51 by comparison will really stick in your craw if you learn about it.)

Dear Dr. Lunney,

As your constituent, it’s important that you know i (and nearly everybody i know) am opposed to Bill C-51, as currently worded. It is vaguely worded, it definitely needs a robust oversight component, it is arguably unconstitutional, and it looks suspiciously like it is intended to sweep up legitimate protesters in the same net as terrorists. Many nonpartisan critics have decried the provisions of this bill. As an elected representative, you are duty bound to listen to the myriad critics and, at the very least, not rush it through with your illusory majority, but spend the time reworking this bill in committee so it is not an affront to democracy.

In addition, i do not appreciate the campaign of fear your government is using to attempt to sell this insidious bill to Canadians. We are not fools, we do not scare easily, and we do not want to give up our rights — especially to a government that has repeatedly shown its tendencies to use them against us.

On this national day of protest against Bill C-51, i urge you as my elected representative to do the right thing and not pass this bill as is.

greg blanchette, Tofino BC  V0R 2Z0

Author: Greg Blee

Poster to my own blog, and others.

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