3 thoughts on “Westerly News — the newspaper/flyer split”

  1. Finally, someone quantifies the problem. Unless we’re planning a trip out of town, we leave all of them at the store. Hopefully, they get recycled (when I worked at the Co-op, they did). I realize that newspapers are on the way out and that they need $$, but the number of flyers is truly ridiculous. I think you should weigh them in every week for a few months and then present the info to the Westerly in the form of a complaint/petition. We’ll sign!

  2. That’s an interesting suggestion, Sandi. I might just do that. It would be interesting to break out the proportion of local and out-of-town flyers, as well. Interesting question as to how many people actually appreciate getting all those out-of-town flyers. I know there’s a lot of out-of-town shopping that goes on in this burgh.
    The kicker is, how would the newspaper replace that lost revenue? Would people put up with a higher newsstand price if it meant only local flyers?

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