Assault on Clayoquot salmon continues

Another approval, this one bravely issued the Wednesday before the Thanksgiving long weekend, brings closer the expansion of open net-cage salmon farming in Clayoquot Sound. Read the one-page “Reasons for Decision” — what a non-document! There’s so much wrong with this that i won’t go into it here (refer to Don Staniford’s blog and Alex Morton’s blog to get an earful of how insidious this corporate/government conspiracy really is).

But i will urge you to send an email to faceless bureaucrat and Aquaculture Manager for “Beautiful British Columbia,” Kathy Evans <>, who made this decision on the province’s (i.e. your) behalf. And cc Premier Christy Clark <> — she’s the one who makes the rules (or doesn’t improve them).

Here’s my little rant to the aforementioned duo. I also sent a shorter one to MLA Scott Fraser <>; he’s on the side of wild salmon, and hopefully he can bring some sense to salmon policy when the NDP party forms the next provincial government.

Dear Ms. Evans,

Regarding your approval of the Plover Point (Fortune Channel) aquaculture lease for EWOS :

For shame. Your approval of this lease is indefensible kowtowing to corporate greed and grossly disregards the public good. How well are local First Nations served when the salmon runs that have sustained them for millennia are gone? How much “significant impact” is the decimation of a resource that has sustained the flora and fauna of the region for eons?

Until there is scientific certainty that open net-cage salmon feedlots do NOT contribute to the crashing of Clayoquot Sound’s wild salmon runs, you have no business approving this lease. On the contrary, there is much credible scientific evidence that salmon aquaculture is strongly implicated in the decline of wild salmon, worldwide. I need not remind you (i hope) that plentiful wild salmon are the KEYSTONE to a healthy ecology in Clayoquot Sound, as well as much of the province.

I am DEEPLY disappointed in the lack of integrity shown by this approval. Ms Evans, you are a key part of an unfeeling, out-of-touch bureaucracy that is slowly but irrevocably killing our greatest natural heritage, BC’s wild salmon runs. Do you even care?

In issuing this approval, you have driven another nail into the coffin of the Clayoquot Sound that i love, and into my idealistic notion that government is of and for the people, rather than the big-contribution corporations, in this benighted province.

Yours in disgust,

~greg blanchette
Tofino, BC

Author: Greg Blee

Poster to my own blog, and others.

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