Spectacular gibberish

This fun bit of graffiti came my way today (thanks, Warren), and seems to be fitting given the paroxysm-of-the-week going on in Vancouver, where a new downtown bike lane has recently been approved.

Tofino, thankfully, is free of such nonsense — though me do have our share of both gas-foot Neanderthals and boneheaded cyclists. But at least we’re not at the stage of requiring columns like this October 7 one, by Province columnist Ethan Baron, that starts:

An outpouring of spectacular gibberish

What part of cheaper, healthier, environmentally beneficial don’t these folks understand?

There appears to be no end to the irrationality of citizens opposed to separated bike lines in downtown Vancouver. The city’s approval Tuesday of a Hornby Street trial lane has provoked an outpouring of spectacular gibberish.

“These cyclist Nazis are taking over our city,” one Province reader laments on our website. “They will not be happy until all our streets are converted too [sic] bike lanes.”

Another reader complains that drivers are “subsidizing” cyclists….

In the column (link), Baron goes on to demolish the common preconceptions of auto supremacists in refreshingly blunt manner.

Geez, people, the world is changing. I know it’s uncomfortable, but you’ve got to start adapting the habits that you’ve coasted along on for the last 40 years.

Author: Greg Blee

Poster to my own gregblee.ca blog, and others.

2 thoughts on “Spectacular gibberish”

    1. I downloaded that talk and have listened to it a couple of times. McLuhan is a lot more transparent in audio than he is in his books. And his ideas even, prescient back then, still shed light on what’s going on.
      Thanks, Heresiarch, for the link!

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