LIFE for Betty K?!?

After a long break away from blogging, i’ve decided to start posting a few things again. Here’s my letter to the  topmost legal captains of B.C. on a matter of some import. First, the situation, excerpted from an excellent post on the rather blunderbuss The Galloping Beaver blog, called Life sentence for Betty K? (well worth the quick read):

. . . Betty Krawczyk was 65 years old when she went to jail for Clayoquot Sound. . . . She went to jail again at age 78 for standing in front of bulldozers in 2006 to protest the building of the Sea-to-Sky Highway. . . . She . . . went back to prison for another 10 months. . . .
After serving out her last sentence in full, Betty appealed it on the grounds that the squelching of protest inconvenient to corporations and governments is an illegitimate use of the legal system.
The Attorney General’s response to her appeal has been to recommend the court re-sentence her under the rules of “accumulated convictions”, designate her a chronic offender, and lock her up for life!

So, my letter:

TO: Michael de Jong, Attorney General <>
Michael Brundrett, prosecutor: <>

CC: Gordon Campbell <>

Dear Attorney General,
However much Ms. Krawczyk is a thorn in your side, your current stratagem of using some far-removed and distasteful precedent to propose locking her up for years is highly repugnant to this lover of free society. To equate having a strong environmental consicence with having a pathological disease insulting, absurd, and a serious undermining of democratic principles. Who’s next on your hit list — advocates for the homeless? Opposition party members? Because with this line of thinking, you can pretty much get rid of anybody  you want.
Find some perspective, gentlemen. Murderers go away for life. Kidnappers. Unrepentant, hard-core criminals. Not old ladies who stand in the road, struggling to protect what’s left of our ever-diminishing environment. As unconventional as she is, Ms Krawczyk is a hero to many; notwithstanding that, she deserves reasonable treatment at the hands of our so-called system of justice. I predict that locking the lady away for many-to-life will bring down a firestorm of protest and controversy from properly thinking people throughout this province (and the world) — something you would come quickly to regret.

Sincerely yours,

greg blanchette
Tofino, BC

Author: Greg Blee

Poster to my own blog, and others.

One thought on “LIFE for Betty K?!?”

  1. Right on, Greg. I emailed them as well, and posted a rant about this on my blog (titled “Are You Freaking KIDDING Me?”)Am a friend of Betty’s from the ten years I loved in Tofino, which I still miss. I mourn having had to leave due to illness and lack of housing for the disenfranchised:)Good for you. Good letter. Sherry

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