Vitamin DREAM

This seems incredible, but who knows, there might be a correlation.

i recently started taking my daily dose of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. I take 1000 IU a day, just before bedtime, from about fall equinox (Sep. 21) to spring equinox (Mar. 21), because there’s mounting evidence that we northerners don’t get near enough of the stuff (generated by exposure to sunshine) during the winter months.The corresponding health risks include multiple sclerosis, bone strength, various cancers and autoimmune disorders — no thanks!

Anyway, i’ve been having incredibly vivid dreams for the past week. More unusual still, i’ve been remembering them (more or less), which rarely happens. Last night’s involved my father in his younger days, a job that i liked but was ducking, and some kind of tropical watersport that made me feel really happy.

I just made the coincidence today between my enhanced dream life and starting to take the vitamin D. Thing is, i also just remembered that my Victoria friend Fil told me a couple of weeks ago that he had to start taking his vitamin D pill in the afternoon, because he was losing sleep over all the dreams he was having — so wild they kept waking him up. I was skeptical at the time, but now….

So maybe there IS a correlation. I googled up “vitamin D dreams” on the World Wide Web and found almost zero references linking vitamin D and nighttime dreams. So, all you vitamin D users out there … let’s do some SCIENCE. Has there been any change in your dream life?


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  1. Add me to the list. I was prescribed 5000iu of Vitamin D3 daily three weeks ago and ever since i have been having very vivid dreams and the ability to remember them the next day.

  2. The same thing has happened to me! After blood work showed I was severely vitamin D deficient, my doctor prescribed 5,000 IU per day. I took my first pill three days ago (I take it in the morning), and I have had one vivid, long (transpiring over the course of days), and memorable dream every night since then. I used to remember only flashes of my dreams (if I remembered any of them at all), but now I am remembering long stretches of them.

    I’m so glad to read that so many others have had similar reactions to taking vitamin D.

  3. Lee,
    I have been taking Vitamin D for a year or so and this last year have been having odd dreams . . . poss. because of it. I have stopped taking it twice for a month or so and have found–fpr me–a correlation between taking it and having these odd dreams.

    The dreams are what I have been calling–for my own use–nemesis dreams. My on-line dictionary defines nemesis as “the inescapable or implacable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall : the balance beam was the team’s nemesis, as two gymnasts fell from the apparatus.” This seems to be a good enough for now definition for my own peculiar experience with dreams and Vitamin D.

    This of course is not science though I am not going to bang that drum.

    Under “normal” circumstances I have now and then had this sort of nemesis dream and I do generally enjoy my dreams and seem to remember them a bit better than average . . . insofar as I can tell.

    I hope this response is useful.


  4. I started a vitamin B complex last night and 2 vitamin E capsules last night and then I had the most amazingly clear dream/nightmare I have ever had. It was so real, it woke me up, and then the dream was still playing in my head for the next couple of minutes. I could watch it like a movie. I woke up because I was scared, and since I couldn’t make the dream stop, it was very uncomfortable, but at least I knew I was dreaming. I am trying to find something on lucid dreaming, dreaming while awake, and vitamin E.

  5. I take 50,000 once weekly and since taking them I have had much more vivid and or disturbing dreams. To be clear that is what made me look up Does Vitamn D Cause You To Dream More. I can see this thread is a bit old and is ongoing, count me as a believer. I previously rarely had dreams and even less frewuently would remember them. I personally don’t believe it is a placebo affect ( like I would know anyway right?) I base this on never hearing of such a thing before. It surely wasn’t one of the things that my doctor mentioned as he gace me the meds. It just came about all of the sudden and I can only attribute it to the new pill.

  6. Wow… I was hoping to find scientific reasoning behind this but I’m relieved to see that I’m not the only one having the vivid dream experience after taking vitamin D3. I take it in the morning and each night, I have the most vivid and odd dreams. I would actually categorize them as nightmares almost since they are not necessarily pleasant. In fact, it’s a relief to wake up from them and I always hope that they don’t continue from where they left off once I fall back asleep. Anyway, maybe one day there will be some study’s done regarding this unrecognized side effect.

  7. Count me in. I googled vitamin d and weird dreams and found this spot. I rarely dream and I have been take 50,000 d2 each week for about 3 months now,( not quite religiously) and I have noticed the craziest dreams, I agree with some that they are borderline nightmares, not ghost-goblin type but hubby having a stroke that I may have caused type. I admit though they I don’t wake up tired afterwards like I normally do if I dream. I had a similar experience when taking SAM-e. I was chalking it up to being in my 40s, glad to see I’m not the only one.

  8. Me too, I just started on 20,000 D3 and wow the dreams started on day 1. They are amazingly vivid and quite exciting and always a little strange? I am glad i know what is causing them. I take my capsule at abound 10am but still have dreams at night. I heard that nicotine patches have a similar effect?

  9. I was getting the winter blues, I get really miserable so I thought I wonder if vitamin D will help as we don’t get much sun where I live in winter. So I started taking a supplement. I have been having really weird dreams since and then was trying to think of anything that could cause them as they were quite disturbing and the vitamin D was all I could come up with. So I searched for an answer, I’m so glad I came across this page as I was getting worried as to what triggered this. I think I will stop taking it..and try another method. Thanks

  10. I noticed I was remembering dreams soon after I started taking vitamin D since my blood test had told me I was only 22, instead of 50+. Before that I had been puzzled that I’d no dream recall whatsoever – going years back..

  11. I have aweful, vivid dreams. It honestly doesn’t matter when I take the vitamin, I always have a rough night. I am so exhausted. If it wasn’t for the fact that I know what medical conditions can be cause by vitamin D deficiency I would say sacrificing my sleep is not worth taking the suppliment. I don’t know how much longer I can zombie through life from lack of sleep.

      • I take vitamin D3 2000 – one pill every other day – maybe you just need to cut back your dose. Good luck! 🙂

      • Are you taking gel pills? They are what I take and work great. I take vitamin D3 2000 – one softgel pill every other day – maybe you just need to cut back your dose and take gel pills instead of hard tablets. Good luck!

  12. I have conflicting results with my Vitamin D3 supplement intake. On one hand, I am in a much better mood. I have a short temper, but I am much more relaxed when I have taken D3. On the other hand, I am also experiencing terrible dreams. Do you all mean “vivid” as in, able to take control in your dreams? I have only experienced this a few times in my life, but since taking the D3 I have had a few a week. Unfortunately, they are not GOOD dreams, they are horrifying, gut wrenching, emotional dreams.

    • What you’re referring to is lucid dreaming — those dreams in which you know you are dreaming and can control (at least to some extent) the outcome. I have those occasionally, usually when I am experiencing a recurring dream, but they didn’t increase when I started taking vitamin D.

      During the first week that I took the supplement (5,000 IU each morning), I had long, vivid (meaning lots of detail that I could remember upon waking) dreams featuring people I hadn’t thought about in years (old childhood friends, for example). The dreams stopped once my body got used to the supplement, and I’m back to my normal dream pattern now.

  13. Since day one when I started taking 50,000 units of vitamin D ,I have been experiencing vivid dreams and nightmares every night and also during afternoon naps. I hope this side effect is only temporary because the Dr prescribed it to me for 6 months twice a week.

  14. I drank milk my entire life.. a lot of it. I found that it was giving me heartburn so I stopped drinking it or eating dairy for about a year. I used to have very vivid dreams when I was eating and drinking dairy but then they stopped. For the year when I was dairy free I couldn’t remember any dreams/never dreamed from what i can remember. Recently I discovered that I must be lactose intolerant because I can drink and eat lactose free dairy. I’m back to drinking a lot of milk and eating a lot of lactose free cheese. My dreams are back and they’re very vivid. I actually have a lot of nightmares now. The two are definitely linked. I’m always waking my boyfriend up because I have nightmares. Almost every night. It’s crazy. At the same time I think the dairy is making my body feel good. I will keep consuming it.

  15. Yes, my boyfriend and I have been experiencing this as well! I wouldn’t have figured it out, except that he never remembers his dreams and we were both having very vivid dreams and the D was the only thing that had been added for both of us. Have been taking large doses, so we’re going to try cutting back and see how that goes.

  16. I started taking vitamin D and have had violent dreams nightly. The dreams are vivid wake me up feeling very anxious. My vitamin D is low and I take 2000 D3 in the evening. I stopped taking them stop due to the bad dreams. Should I discontinue use of this vitamin?

    • Moline – I don’t think you should stop taking vitamin D without talking to your doctor. I can’t speak for everyone, but my very vivid “vitamin D dreams” stopped after a week or so even though I continued to take the vitamin D.

  17. I just started taking 5,000 units first thing in the morning at the instruction of my doctor. I have always been a good sleeper and now I have REALLY LONG, REALLY VIVID dreams and I’m often afraid, yelling or upset in the dreams. They are really more of nightmares. Started the first night that I started taking 5,000 and has occurred every night since. Last night was my fifth night in a row. I’ve been tracking all food and exercise for weeks so I can clearly correlate the Vitamin D as the only change that I’ve met and the source of the vivid dreams.

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