Vitamin DREAM

This seems incredible, but who knows, there might be a correlation.

i recently started taking my daily dose of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. I take 1000 IU a day, just before bedtime, from about fall equinox (Sep. 21) to spring equinox (Mar. 21), because there’s mounting evidence that we northerners don’t get near enough of the stuff (generated by exposure to sunshine) during the winter months.The corresponding health risks include multiple sclerosis, bone strength, various cancers and autoimmune disorders — no thanks!

Anyway, i’ve been having incredibly vivid dreams for the past week. More unusual still, i’ve been remembering them (more or less), which rarely happens. Last night’s involved my father in his younger days, a job that i liked but was ducking, and some kind of tropical watersport that made me feel really happy.

I just made the coincidence today between my enhanced dream life and starting to take the vitamin D. Thing is, i also just remembered that my Victoria friend Fil told me a couple of weeks ago that he had to start taking his vitamin D pill in the afternoon, because he was losing sleep over all the dreams he was having — so wild they kept waking him up. I was skeptical at the time, but now….

So maybe there IS a correlation. I googled up “vitamin D dreams” on the World Wide Web and found almost zero references linking vitamin D and nighttime dreams. So, all you vitamin D users out there … let’s do some SCIENCE. Has there been any change in your dream life?

Author: Greg Blee

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99 thoughts on “Vitamin DREAM”

  1. Yes, I am taking 4000 IU a day. My dreams are now frequent and memorable. Prior to my starting vitamin D I barely remembered any dreams.

  2. Yes, I am taking a Calcium plus D3. D3 id 800IU and Calcium is 600 mg. I have tried taking it in the morning, but that has not stopped the vivid. dreams. The same thing happened when Itried taking zinc because of low ALP. I do take B12 with no adverse side effects.

    1. I have tried taking Vitamin D several times including the past month. Each time that I take them ( I take them in the AM) I have very vivid dreams and do not wake up rested.

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