A burden on my friends

Gads, i believe i am becoming a burden upon my friends — the ones, especially, with whom i stay during my frequent perambulations through the geography of no-fixed-addressedness.

H. and R. (in Vancouver and Victoria) bear the brunt of it. Strangely, it seems that what is most obnoxious about my presence in their lives is less that i’m sleeping on their floors for so many nights running. (I try, at least, to be helpful around the apartment and maintain a low profile.) Rather, it’s that i am (gasp) not working. I can sleep in when they head off in the mornings (though out of practicality and respect i try not to); i can head off to indulge my curiosities during the day; i have energy left most nights to do (cheap) things that they may not have. Hell, i’d be pissed off if i bunked with myself for more than three days.

It seems the seductions of the self-unemployed life are rather a taunt to those who choose to, or have to, head off to work five days a week.This may be a demon that will come home to roost eventually (a la parable of the grasshopper and the ant). We shall see.

I take it more as a reflection on what work has become: a burden that many (most?) people would prefer to escape, or at least lighten.

Any way i cut the cheese, it’s a burden coming my way sometime soon!

Author: Greg Blee

Poster to my own gregblee.ca blog, and others.

2 thoughts on “A burden on my friends”

  1. Nay, you’re no burden, mate. Don’t know who’s been giving you that impression – unless it was my alter-ego, Typhoid Mary, who probably needed to be quarantined alone on a desert island surrounded by barbed wire as she moaned and groaned and sniffled and whined her way through some variety of the pink-ungulate-flu mere inches away from you. Now, she CAN be a misery!

    Yes, I do miss the days when I was, shall we say, more lightly employed. It was definitely a healthier lifestyle. But work, if you can find the type that inspires and invigorates you – and I still naively like to think that’s not impossible – can be a positive force in one’s life – in the right measure with other pursuits, of course. That’s the hard part of the trick – reaching that point of balance in today’s ridiculous world, where the system just isn’t set up for that if you have to work and support yourself as a single person without a sidekick to pick up the slack.

    But I have to wonder if, as you contemplate the move to becoming less grasshopper-like and more ant-like, you’re feeling a little resentful about what you might have to give up. Could this post perhaps be more about you than your supposedly beleaguered friends, asks this gentle reader?

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