Hello again, darlings

Here i is, back with (a) a reliable Internet connection, combined with a comfortable office setting at the house-sit i’m currently house-sitting at, and (b) an iota of will to update the world on my insignificant wanderings and maunderings.

It has been several months of couch-surfing in Vancouver and Victoria (thank you, Robert and Heather, respectively, for putting up with me) and expansive reading, and i must say i think i am making some progress in my aimless quest for, ah, wisdom — by which i mean the ability to function effectively and lead some semblance of a good life in a world that often seems hostile to that modest ambition.

It was … illuminating to spend that much contiguous time in cities, something i haven’t done for well over a decade. It has its strong points, urbanity does, but peace and quiet is not one of them. Hard to think clearly amid the sirens and traffic and endless, ubiquitous distractions. I did, however, thanks to Pure Hel, stumble across a hot damn study group called D.I.Y Dharma“a peer-led community of freaks, geeks, queers, rebels, outcasts, stream-enterers and their friends, who meditate together in the Buddhist tradition” — and get to one of their gatherings. I wished i could attend a whole lot more. Kind of makes religion FUN again, you know?

I have not worked (in the usual sense) an hour in those months, apart from writing a piece or two for Tofino Time, and i have become convinced that escaping, at least part-time, the treadmill of labour is absolutely essential to finding peace of mind in this life.

And i’m getting there, dammit. I’m getting there.

Details at seven.

Author: Greg Blee

Poster to my own gregblee.ca blog, and others.

2 thoughts on “Hello again, darlings”

  1. hey greg,
    great to see that you have landed in Tuff city and are settled.. This has been a hell of a year.. The creator/cosmic muffin… made me slow down with the stroke.. but the up side is incredible amounts of time for reading.. I would love to compare notes sometime

  2. SETTLED? I wish! Nope, no sooner am i installed than i’m planning the move out. That’s m’bed, and that’s m’lay. Not for much longer, though — i’m close to snapping. My suspenders. Ouch, that hurt.

    (Once again, snappy response revealing nothing. I’m my own shadow.)

    (Yikes! Moment of revelation!)

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