Blind leading blind

The Canadian reluctance to face up to the ever-more-looming (and ever-more-catastrophic) consequences of climate change was pushed a little further last month. How reasonable men can deliberately ignore a broad scientific consensus because it does not align with their beliefs is … well, it’s no surprise at all. It has been the story of civilization since civilization began. But i’d prefer to think we have learned something along the way.

If even one-tenth of the current scientific predictions come true — and the indicators are mounting fast — then Mr. Harper in hindsight is going to look as visionary as a Nazi. Bu politically he’ll be long gone by then, and only his (and all our) children will be left to pick up the pieces.

From the Green Party newsletter:

Climate Change Deniers Appointed to Top Boards
In another behind the scenes attack on science, the Conservative government has appointed well-known climate change deniers to key funding agency positions, setting the stage for shutting down much needed research in Canada.

Author: Greg Blee

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