Movement—but to where?

I’m off tomorrow (Tuesday) to Tofino for 4 days. Then it’s a house/cat/dogsit in Ucluelet for a week. Then it’s … well, i really don’t know. There’s a standing offer to be “houseboy” for an executive-type gal in Victoria, though neither of us seems to have any idea what that means.

But there are also a handful of Cal 29 sailboats for sale in the region, and having checked one out today for the first time i think one of them may become my future home. Or not. I have trouble making up my mind.

Which is where YOU come in today. This is a good time to test out wordpress’s new user poll feature.

Author: Greg Blee

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6 thoughts on “Movement—but to where?”

  1. I bougt a 23 foot wooden cutter in Tofino in ’95. I lived onboard her for my first winter and again later. I am still here and still lovin’ it. Small work keeps you humble and it keeps you healthy. It is what we do outside of work that is the stuff of life. Where we do it is the life setting. Tofino makes a great setting for my life. I just got married and had a nice short tour of Nepal and India. Here’s some pics. (You are invited to view John’s photo

    Hope you are enjoying yourself here. John Wynne, Tofino

  2. Hey Greg, just stumbled on your blog post from last Dec. Good on ya still here and lovin it? Now comes the good stuff (summer in Tofino) What are you up to?
    Post for Peace
    John Wynne

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