Thou clouted clay-brained bum-bailey!

One last time-waster. Go here for your custom Shakespearean insult. Thou vain spur-galled scut.

UPDATE: Some of you fawning earth-vexing dewberries have been complaining that the link doesn’t work. Works for me every time, thou beslubbering beef-witted barnacles. See?

Try cut-and-paste with the web address: If that doesn’t work, click REFRESH. If that doesn’t work, do this Google search for “shakesperean insult“. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to invent your own insults. May i suggest you start with the word “fucking”?

Author: Greg Blee

Poster to my own blog, and others.

3 thoughts on “Thou clouted clay-brained bum-bailey!”

  1. Pray, do not abuse your gentle readers thus, thou artless brazen-faced boar-pig! Thou lumpish hasty-witted horn-beast! The problem is not ours. Nay, it be that goatish rough-hewn Explorer, which cannot hold a guttering candle to the slicking fair-footed Firefox. A different browser will permit us to avail ourselves of the myriad fulsome insults which are thy due, thou fobbing elf-skinned flap-dragon!

    And lest I fail to bespeak it hence, I hereby proclaim finding gay interest and amusement in thy blogprose, thou droning dog-hearted codpiece.

    Forsooth, this is frivolous fun!

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