Reencounter with the Earth

This is the last few paragraphs (pp 223-4) of the book The Teachings of Don Carlos—practical applications of the works of Carlos Castaneda, by Victor Sanchez (1995).

I suspect that it has more of an impact if you’ve spent the past several weeks steeped in the book, as i have. But the picture it paints is lovely regardless, and i felt moved to share it with you. Maybe we’ll cross paths as we walk in search of our secret place.

For this reunion, choose a place that no one else knows about–a place that can remain a secret forever. You may know of a place beforehand, or you can go out and look for one. Preferably it should be in a remote location. If reaching it requires a long walk or climb, so much the better. However, in reality any place chosen for an appointment with the Earth will do since there is no way she will slight you by not responding to your encounter.

Arriving at your place, lie face down on the Earth, embracing her. You must feel and soak yourself in her presence. Then–still embracing and caressing her–begin to talk aloud to her, using intimate and personal words, telling her how grateful you are that she responded to your call, and for always having been there. Explain to her the world from which you have come and why you had forgotten her. Tell her of those lonely moments of life when you did not remember her, of the lack you felt, and how happy this reencounter makes you. Offer her one or two actions that you will carry out in the daily world that will help you remain aware of her presence and company. And finally promise not to forget her again but to love her until the moment arrives when she again takes you into her bosom to free you from all burdens.

At last, give her a kiss and return to the world, immersed in her secret and loving embrace . . .

Author: Greg Blee

Poster to my own blog, and others.

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