Okay, this is ridiculous

I’ve been avoiding this blog because, as usual, the backlog of items to blog has gotten large enough to be seriously imposing, so i don’t want to even begin to deal with it. This is a far cry from my initial intention (and a blog’s raison d’etre) of just slamming stuff-of-interest up there off the top of my head, with little regard for its writerly quality.

So here i am breaking the ice again, with the intention of being a little freer and easier with the posting. I’ll back-date a few of them to a more appropriate day and month, so there won’t be a rush of items crammed into the next few days.

Hm, that sounded awkward — maybe i should edit it…. NOT!

Author: Greg Blee

Poster to my own gregblee.ca blog, and others.

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