Past election results (West Coast)

I’ve been meaning to look this up for a while, and finally got around to it thanks to this Globe & Mail page.

Federal election results, Nanaimo-Qualicum riding, 2006 and 2004

2006 candidates Jan. 2006 2004 (candidate)
James Lunney, Conservative 41.4% — 26,102 22,935 (Lunney)
Manjeet Uppal, NDP 32.2% —- 20,335 19,040 (Scott Fraser)
Jim Stewart, Liberal 19.1% —- 12,023 11,646 (Hira Chopra)
David Wright, Green 5.3% —- 3,361 4,311 (Wright)
Dusty Miller, ? 1.5% —- 920 557 (Michael Mann)

Much as i detest strategic voting as a perversion of the democratic principle, i might consider it this election because i think it’s important to keep the Conservatives from gaining a majority this time around. There’s little doubt they are going to win, but another minority will at least minimize the damage they do while the left gets its sh*t together again.

Conservatives had quite a lead over the NDP in ’06, less so in ’04. It’s a tough call — vote your beliefs (a “wasted” Green Party vote, in my case) or vote for least bad outcome?

Author: Greg Blee

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