Fringe launch

Started today as a Fringe volunteer, and it was, er, somewhat less than inspiring. Parking, that’s me. I patrol the parking lane by the Old Market Square outdoor stage, and make sure only performers or vendors are parked there, and that they have the appropriate permit. You know what they say: give a little man a little power….

Nah, it wasn’t that bad. Just a bit boring. But i got to watch all the acts on the open stage — mostly aimed at kids, so a bit puerile.

But then came … the Fringe. Caught two plays after my shift:

  • Busty Rhymes and MC Hot Pink — a one- (Kiwi-)woman show about … mostly, her breasts. And the rest of her full figure. And problems with men. And Lots of energy, but the material didn’t seem fresh. I did learn the interesting fact that Auckland has 35,000 more single women than men. Hmm.
  • ‘Beth, which i went to because the timing was right and i could get a ticket, was an attempt at retelling Shakespeare’s Macbeth story in a modern, money-grubbing, doctor-the-will context. Didn’t quite work, but a brave effort. (I’m pulling punches here because i really admire Fringe performers’ guts — it’s naked theatre — and i cringe whenever i see a callously negative review.)

Both shows not terrific, but it’s inspiring to be surrounded by artistic energy. Theatre matters, and art matters, in this context.

Author: Greg Blee

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