Pandora’s WestCoast box

I’m coming to you courtesy of free wireless at the Regina Public Library, where an hour ago i visited their in-branch art gallery. (How visionary — are you listening, Ucluelet, with your coming new community centre?)

The show currently running is Pandora’s Box, an 11-woman show of more or less controversial images rooted in the double-edged Greek myth portraying Pandora as the first woman, who brings either many gifts or (via her infamous box) all evils.

In talking with the curator, i suddenly flashed on the idea that the Pacific Rim Arts Society should introduce a little depth and controversy into the WestCoast visual arts scene by commissioning 10 artists to produce a work each that will:

  • address at least one significant local issue head-on;
  • piss at least one person off (local or tourist);
  • probably never hang on someone’s living room wall.

That would be such a welcome change from our endless stream of what i call “eco-porn” — pretty images of idealized wilderness intended to covey nothing but feel-good.

The whole country seemed to be devolving into a mania for the distraction it called entertainment, a day and night mimicry of art that menaced nothing, redeemed nothing and meant nothing but forgetfulness.
–Arthur Miller in his autobiography Timebends

1 thought on “Pandora’s WestCoast box

  1. Hey Greg,
    Nice to catch up on your travels. Hope Winnipeg’s hot enough for you — it feels like Fogust already here. We’ve had summer I guess — two hot days last weekend! And I know what you mean about those unrolling prairies — love it and your description wanted me to run away on a road trip. But I won’t. I’ll behave. For now. I guess. Had writers’ group last night; probably my last for the summer as I’m off to school tomorrow. Take care and safe travels. A

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