Borrowing a page from my good friend Vancouveriste , i shall blog occasionally about unusual or significant foodstuffs i run across (in V’s case, often chocolate).

I’m in the habit of lugging around far more food than i need, as i travel. This is the result, i think, of my deep-seated anxiety about the instability and hostile nature of the world (something i am actively trying to reverse), and an entirely reasonable leeriness over what’s likely to pass for food at most of the rest stops. Anyway, in prep for my 22-hour Fernie-to-Regina bus marathon, i stockpiled these necessities:

  • baby carrots, nectarine, 2 tangerines, apple, banana, kiwi, dates, sunflower seeds, almonds
  • 2 bagels; wedge o’ spiced cheddar
  • bar of dark chocolate

Regarding the last, it was a Hershey’s Extra Dark Reserve 70% cacao. As friend Tim said long ago, “I just don’t feel the need to support [insert name of corporate food giant].” I concur, but this was a last-second impulse purchase from a rack right by the checkout. At 100g for $2.19 the price and bar size were right.

It didn’t live up to the hype on the overpackaging, though. Few interesting overtones, slightly burnt aftertaste, surprisingly bland for 70% chocolate. Plus wih the glaring absence of any “fair trade” copy on the packaging, you just gotta know the beans were picked by some poor 6-year-old in Africa. I’m no connoisseur of chocolate, and i just can’t get my head around trusting anything about food multinationals, so this review is biased. There you go.

Author: Greg Blee

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