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I am thinking about rearranging my travel plans to fit in this course on shamanism. It has kind of called to me ever since, three of four years ago, i did a “service month” at Hollyhock and witnessed the weirdness of the course. I say “witnessed, but part of the mystique of the thing is that they keep it all secret, behind closed, locked doors. I listened at the doors several times, and heard weird things: drums, gongs, trance music, the sound (i swear) of bodies being dragged over dry twigs.

Intrigued the hell outta me, anyway, so when i got the opportunity one evening, with all the shamans-in-training down beating drums on the beach, i tested the door and found it … unlocked. I went in. Won’t say what i found, except that it was an intriguing mix of high tech and low tech.

Says the blurb:

Go on a mythical journey of spiritual initiation.
Reach the essence where the Great Mystery resides in all things. We’ll travel together through deep states of altered consciousness. A bond of trust will be developed through age-old rituals. In this experiential intensive, we use both ancient and modern techniques including portrayals of the transformative journey. We’ll rely on breath and bodywork, music, and gong to enter a shamanic trance. Experience deep catharsis and find the path with heart. Come prepared to use this shamanic environment as a sacred vessel for profound personal exploration and spiritual growth.
This workshop is physically demanding and includes an all night ceremony.

Author: Greg Blee

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