Mess with my life!

Okay, so you screwed up your life good; now screw around with mine!

Give me your best advice by adding your comments below. Here’s an evolving list of the options i’m actively considering, in the order they popped into my head. Which should it be?

  1. Move to Tofino and revive the Beat movement.
  2. Return to Ucluelet and run for council in November.
  3. Move to Victoria and take a masters degree in some facet of Environmental Studies.
  4. Buy a small sailboat (like this) and do the “Walden Pond” thing for a year, up and down the coast.
  5. Enter a Zen Buddhist monastery.
  6. Buy a large sailboat and take groups out on it as a kind of floating retreat.
  7. Move back to the West Coast and work as a kayak guide.
  8. Find a good woman, settle down, and dedicate my life to making her happy.
  9. Secure cheap living somewhere and make a concerted effort at writing for a living.
  10. Go back to school and do a couple of exploratory years toward an undergrad degree.
  11. Build a tiny cabin in the woods and do a “Walden Pond” for a year.
  12. Go volunteer for a year in Africa.

Author: Greg Blee

Poster to my own blog, and others.

One thought on “Mess with my life!”

  1. I liked your “mess with my life” on the blog.
    I vote for all of them (at once) except 6 and 12. 6 looks stressful and for 12 you have to be very strong in yourself before you think about helping others. My 2 cents.
    Option 8 is very cute.

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