Vitamin DREAM

This seems incredible, but who knows, there might be a correlation.

i recently started taking my daily dose of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. I take 1000 IU a day, just before bedtime, from about fall equinox (Sep. 21) to spring equinox (Mar. 21), because there’s mounting evidence that we northerners don’t get near enough of the stuff (generated by exposure to sunshine) during the winter months.The corresponding health risks include multiple sclerosis, bone strength, various cancers and autoimmune disorders — no thanks!

Anyway, i’ve been having incredibly vivid dreams for the past week. More unusual still, i’ve been remembering them (more or less), which rarely happens. Last night’s involved my father in his younger days, a job that i liked but was ducking, and some kind of tropical watersport that made me feel really happy.

I just made the coincidence today between my enhanced dream life and starting to take the vitamin D. Thing is, i also just remembered that my Victoria friend Fil told me a couple of weeks ago that he had to start taking his vitamin D pill in the afternoon, because he was losing sleep over all the dreams he was having — so wild they kept waking him up. I was skeptical at the time, but now….

So maybe there IS a correlation. I googled up “vitamin D dreams” on the World Wide Web and found almost zero references linking vitamin D and nighttime dreams. So, all you vitamin D users out there … let’s do some SCIENCE. Has there been any change in your dream life?

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  1. I take mine in the a.m., but have wild dreams anyway. One of the pleasures of passing “mid life”.
    Sounds like yer anima is risin’. You know, Vitamin J for Jung.

  2. I’ve been logging my vitamin D intake over the last couple of weeks, and have noticed a rough correlation between the remembered vividness of my dreams and taking a 1000 IU pill at dinnertime or later.

    As the link in the above comment suggests, it’s unclear whether the dreams are wilder and more vivid or i’m just remembering them better.

    It ain’t science but it’s interesting. But now i’m moving on to other things. Still taking my second vitamin D pill in the evening, though.

  3. I started taking vitamin D about a month ago and I have a crazy dream just about every night. My dreams are more vivid, they seem so real and I remember them throughout the day… crazy but I have a friend who also had the same thing happen. I told another friend to start taking D and see if he notices the same thing… I think we’re on to something though!

  4. ME TOO!!! I was looking all over the internet to see if it was just me having these wild dreams. They started exactly at the time I began to take a Vitamin D3 supplement (I take them before bedtime). The strange thing though is that I keep having different dreams with the same people in them and they are so vivid.

  5. I never remembered my dreams until two weeks ago when I started a 1000 IU Vitamin D supplement. The morning after I had taken the first pill, I commented to my husband about all the strange dreams I had the night before and how I could recount all the details like never before. For the first three days I took them with dinner and I was amazed at how I remembered all the details of my dreams the next morning! I decided to take the Vitamin with lunch, and since then I have not been aware of any dreams.

  6. I found this page while trying to answer the same question. Ive been taking 5000 IU vitamin d in the morning for the last month, with my vitamin C drink which ive done for years. I have been having intense dreams every night since, unsettling at first, but now acustomed and quite enjoy them.

    Also I am a migrane sufferer, I have not suffered with a migrane in this time, I also take 5 HTP (pre curser for the production of seretonin) to reduce the onset of migrane (low seretonin) :) I have read else where the dreams are from higher levels of seretonin, which is a pre curser for melatonin (puts you to sleep)

  7. I started taking 6000 iu’s of Vitamin D3 last week after my blood test results showed my Vitamin D level was as 9. And yes, I have been having vivid dreams every night since then.

  8. I noticed immediatley that my dreams were way more vivid and that I could recall most of the dream the next day right after I started taking vitamin D in the fall as an alternative strategy to the H1N1shot. I also sleep much better, no bathroom breaks anymore. Currently after much research am now taking 5000 iu daily plus a weekly visit to the tanning bed for about ten minutes. Will have my levels checked sometime.

  9. Yep, me too. More vivid, memorable dreams. Friend had the same experience as well.

    Maitake D Fraction extract (not related to Vitamin D) had similar effects as well.

  10. My doctor just started me on 5000 iu of vitamin d3 this past Monday and I’ve been having very vivid dreams (and sleeping better, it seems) ever since – almost immediately.

  11. I found my way here because I googled “Vitamin D” + dreams. I searched for this because I too have noted a very noticeable uptrend in my dreams since I started taking Vitamin D. I noticed this because I moved to Sweden in January and knew I wouldn’t get enough sun. That said, I also notice the same whenever I get two or more days of continuous exposure to the sun. So for me it seems that Vitamin D the natural way or in supplemental form (D3) has this effect.

  12. Okay, so I thought I’d Google it on the whim that there would be a correlation between Vit D and vivid dreams. I guess I’m not alone on this. I wasn’t sure if it was the 1000 IU of D3 or the 1000mg of Vit C I started taking recently.

    Like everyone else the dreams feel real, more so than any dreams I’ve ever had. I also remember most everything that happened unlike typical dreams in the past.

    I feel much more rested and find I only need 6hrs of sleep most days and I’m up and ready to go again. Actually, my body or mind doesn’t let me sleep longer which I love. I could probably sleep a good 12hrs before and still feel tired.

  13. I’ve been looking for a link between vitamin D & dreams too, but in my case, I find that taking vitamin D makes me dream less. Normally I have many very vivid dreams every night, and wake up exhausted. I have better sleep with D.

  14. Hey guys,

    Just came across this page. I started taking 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 and am getting REALLY vivid dreams very night. I used to suffer from insomnia too. I was told that it´s not that I´m having vivid dreams, but that I´m actually dreaming and reaching a deep sleep state as opposed to before.

  15. Here i am (the original blogger) a year later. I’m still taking Vitamin D, roughly from fall to spring. Like many commenters above, i have upped my dose to 2-3-4,000 IU per day (depending on how much sun i get in a day) from fall to spring. Thing is, it doesn’t seem to have any noticeable effect on my dream life these days. The vivid dreaming, sadly, has disappeared. I miss it.
    Hmm … Vitamin D has a very low toxicity. Maybe i’ll take 5,000 IU this evening and see if there’s any effect. (My doctor is spinning in his grave right now. But then, why would i take health advice from a dead man?)

    • Well, after a few nights’ experimentation, i have concluded that the vividness of the dreams has definitely faded. What i do seem to get most nights is long, involved novel-like dreams — sweeping sagas that go on and on. I remember mostly just the last parts of the dreams when i wake — that and the fact that they were very complicated.

      Still taking my D. We’ve had little sun here in Tofino this summer, and we’re deep into the winter greys now. I’m holding at 2-3,000 IU a day, depending on how much sun i get during the day. Friends of mine swear by 5,000 a day. Sounds like a lot, but i read somewhere that in strong sun a Caucasian body will make 20,000 IU an hour. (Darker skins apparently make less.)

  16. Hello fellow D-abusers,

    I started taking 5,000 IU softgels last February and I have since been having really twisted and weird dreams. At first the dreams even woke me up at night and it took me a long while to realize that it WAS just a dream I was having.

    After some testing I reduced the amount of intake to 1 pill every other day (never in the evening, because I feel energetic and heated for a few hours afterwards). After a while when my body adapted, the dreams started coming less often and were lower in intensity. I then stabilized to having generally more memorable dreams and some weirder dreams every few days.

    Also, a friend of mine started taking 2,000 IU pills once per day and only after a couple of days he came to me saying he’s been having these really psychedelic dreams. I had not told him of my dreams before but I could immediately relate.

    Yes, there is definitely a connection between taking high levels of D-vitamin and having really “vivid” dreams if you want to call them that. Sometimes they can be really horrible, sometimes not so bad. Always weird and strong, though. I guess it’s up to your subconscious what kind of dreams You have.

    Anyway, good shit.

  17. I kept wondering why you people dream more on D while I dream less. If I stop taking 2,000 IU for several days the long, vivid, involved dreams and aches & pains come back. I did find something, though. It has been reported that often people who take D at night dream more, and those who take it in the morning sleep more peacefully. I’m a morning vitamin D taker.

  18. I just found out from new research that as yet there is no definitive scientific support for the new model of cancer development, the authors of the study say that maintaining proper levels of vitamin D could potentially stop the development of cancer at its very earliest stages.

  19. My mother has always had odd dreams, and she passed it on to me. With that being said, I recently started taking vitamin D, 2,000 IU at noon, and noticed a SIGNIFICANT increase in dreams, and they are definitely more odd than usual!

  20. I too have had crazy vivid dreams since beginning to supplement with Vitamin D. In my case I was prescribed 50000 UI weekly, and so far (3 weeks now) the dream effect lasts all week.

    Looks like I have this to look forward to even with doses of 1000 UI once my rx is done and I normalize.

    It is a bit disturbing to have all these dream stories and images trying to have a life in my real, daytime world. It’s been interesting, but I won’t mind if this doesn’t continue!

    • Wow. I thought this was strange! I am so glad to know that I am not alone here.. I have never had this repeated experience of such intense, real time surreal dreaming before. It is like a twilight sleep where I am unsure if I am asleep until something really weird happens or I am somewhere that either does not exist, is impossible or is somewhere I have not been.

  21. I have been going through the same thing! I have recently been taking vitamin D3 ( 500 iu) and I have noticed that I have started to remember my dreams a lot better now! It’s amazing. I am not sure entirely about the vividness of them though because I have always tended to have pretty vivid dreams but now I can remember them a lot better and a lot more details and things that occur. AWESOME!

    and p.s. i also want to do some experimenting because theres no real way to overdose on vitamin d3. i mean there is BUT that is a process. we are talking about 100,000 iu over a long period of time. im in no danger.


  22. Another Vitamin D-er reporting. I too have been taking some extra vitamin D first thing in the morning. My dreams are really weird, too! I asked my co-workers, and those taking vitamin D are having weird dreams as well! :O

  23. You have no idea how grateful I am to find this website. I was beginning to think I was going insane. I started taking a 5000 iu supplement of vitamin D3 right before bed, and though it has helped me sleep better, my dreams have been off the charts crazy, vivid, and I remember them- even if I don’t necessarily want to. My mom got me onto the supplement after it helped her start sleeping better, but when I asked her about her dreaming, she said there had been no change. I’m glad to know that it seems like there is indeed a correlation between vitamin D3 and my dreams of purple ducks beating the crap out of plain white ducks and other, much more disturbing images.

  24. When I was taking 1000 IU Vitamin D, I didn’t notice any differences, but when my doctor increased the dose to 2000 IU, I began having vivid dreams. I take it in the morning but it still seems to impact my sleep (but not in a bad way).

  25. I am also relieved to have found this site…I have been struggling to figure out what has changed in my life that would have such a bizarre impact on my dreams…unfortunately, they are usually in the form of a horrible anxiety dream. Yet, like other, they are much more vivid and I remember them for weeks, when I never used to remember dreams at all. They have impacted my sleep in a negative way though, where I used to sleep soundly all night. Interesting how it affects us all a little differently.

  26. OMG, like many here I have been wondering whether the sudden onset of vivid dreams (which I’ve written about on my blog) has had anythiing to do with the 2500 iu vitamin D I started taking on 23rd Feb. For the record I take mine with my lunch.

    How great to find all of you reporting similar experiences!! I always used to have fantastic dreams and I loved it but I’ve had some health and fatigue issues for a while now and my dreams had kind of dried up. I’m really excited about this!!!

    I think I feel a bit sharper mentally in gernal as well but I’m not sure. Off now to do more research on this fascinating possible link!

    thanks Greg for your initial post and everyone for sharing their experiences….

  27. i used to only dream at the full moon and thought the upcoming Super Moon was causing my dreams… however, night after night for over a week i continue dreaming and it’s still five days away.

    what changed? i started taking vitamin D!

    i am fascinated that i am not alone… thank you!

  28. My dreams the last four nights (since beginning vitamin d) are VERY disturbing and seem be part of a sort of twilight sleep. I am only needing about 6 hours but sleeping is SO weird! The dreams are in real time, strange, sort of anxious and very surreal. And I am NOT the anxious type….anyone else experienced this?

  29. Count me in. I am also having vivid dreams after taking vitD3 (1000iu) for the past 2 days. I take it at night. I fall asleep earlier than usual and dreams are coming mostly early mornings until the time I get up. Infact my dreams make me sleep longer than usual as I like the ‘movie’ that is going on and I dont want to break the pleasure of watching it :)

  30. I thought i was losing my mind. I have been on 5000 iu of vitamin D for about a month. I used to take it in the morning but because of other medication that i have to take first thing in the morning, i have to take my vitamins at least 4 hours later. of course by this time i am at work and always for get the vitamins. So I find myself taking my vitamins late in the evening when i get home, before going to bed. My dreams are so vivid. They are about people I know and they are usually resulting in sickness, death and murder. When I wake up I clearly remember the dreams (or should I say nightmare). Even days later I am still remembering the dreams. I think it is the vitman D late at night.

  31. Similar story as the aforementioned. The dreams I’m having are so unlike any dreams I have ever had. I was thinking maybe its just part of menopause. Thank you for starting this thread. What most strikes me about these dreams is that I seem different. I guess even my dreams I thought were a part of me, silly, but these dreams seem different than me but still me.

  32. started taking Vit D3 2,000 iu every evening with a glass of milk (I was told Vit D works best with Calcium). I am on my second week. The first week I took it in the am. No dreams. Then I read an article that said taking at night was better for absorbtion. Well let me tell you that the 1st night of taking it I had the nicest dream that I somewhat remember. Every night this week I wake to a nice dream and realize that I slept thru the night. I will accept the dream issue if I am finally sleeping thru the night. I have never blogged before. A thank you to everyone who has shared!

  33. Do the dreams calm down at all over time? I have just started taking Vit D, 1st thing in the morning and the dreams are waking me up. Im loving the improved energy but feel unrested from the disturbed sleep.

    • Hi Helen,
      My dreams certainly tapered off after a few weeks. Now i miss the incredible technicolour movies i used to watch every night. I even tried taking my vitamin D in the evening to try and induce them, but they haven’t come back. Oh well … fun while it lasted.

      • I was sure the Vit D correlated with my dreams being more intense and vivid, and that I can recall them so clearly in detail. Wonder what it is about that vitamin that does that to the brain? Any theories out there? My husband looks forward to me sharing the crazy sagas in the morning. I was concerned, but since most of you seem to enjoy the effect, and miss it when it is gone, guess I’ll relax and enjoy.
        One question, I am started on 1000 and going up to 3000mg. Do the dreams increase with dosage going up? Weird.

  34. In my 68 years of life I have rarely remembered dreams.

    Approximately one year ago, due to the recent importance that Vitamin D3 has gotten in relation to calcium absorption, I have been taking 1,000 units a day (the minimum doctors prescribe). I have started and stopped taking the vitamin about 4 times. Each time I start taking it, I start dreaming and remembering the dreams that are not disturbing, but involve convoluted and problematic situations.

    I wonder what chemical reaction the vitamin D3 is trigging in our bodies. I mentioned this side effect of the vitamin to a couple of doctors who looked at me like a rare specimen and said they had never heard such a thing. I hope they read this website and start researching.

  35. I am taking 10,000 IU and I have very vivid and wild dreams. They wake me up. I was also looking to see if there was a correlation and found your blog, hope your experiment is going well.

  36. I take a very low dose of vitamin d3- 500 IU 2-3 times a week. I noticed that after taking this particular vitamin, for that evening and the next I will have extremely vivid dreams which I will remember very clearly for the whole day. Some are nightmares, others are just strange. These dreams are so real it makes me feel like I was never asleep. Is that how this vitamin keep people slimmer? It makes the body think it was awake all the time? The good thing is that I do not feel tired after the dreams when I get up.

  37. I am also one who almost never remembers dreaming. I started taking only a small dose of vitamin D (200iu in the morning and evening) three days ago. It’s the ONLY change I’ve made and I’ve also had vivid dreams every night that I remember in the morning. Thanks for posting. At least I know I’m not alone.

  38. After taking oil based Vitamin D for a few years, the “dream effect” had subsided. I recently switched to a dry form of D and the vivid dreams have started up again.

  39. Yes, I have never had vivid dreams like I have had since I have been taking vitamin D (2000 IU, oil based, in morning) for the last 3 weeks in all of my 56 years. I didn’t notice it until last week at scout camp, but it continues! So I looked it up on the web and I am now leaving my comment here. Thanks! I’ll let you know if they continue.

    • I hardly used to not have many dreams, usually only once in a while. Or maybe I do but I can’t remember them properly.

      However, once I started taking the dry tablet form of vitamin D (1000iu) every morning, I’ve been having a lot more dreams (or maybe the same but I can remember them now). This is the only real change in my diet that most likely brought up these more frequent dreaming.

      Googled ‘vitamin d dreams’ and ended up here.

      Judging by the responses here, I am not alone in thinking this and it definitely seems like a valid area for more research to be done.

      Now, as posted a few posts above, could the form of vitamin D supplementation have any effect?

      I.e. Dry tablet form vs. Liquid gel capsule

      [Edited per original poster’s instructions — greg]

  40. Thanks SO much for this post and all the responses!! I too thought I was going crazy because many of my family and friends have not had these dreams though they take more Vitamin D than I did. I thought it was just me having this experience. I have always been a very vivid dreamer and could always remember my dreams, since I was a kid. I had to stop taking the 1000 D dose after about two weeks because my dreams became so troublesome to me. They weren’t strange as much as they were quite disturbing. I always remembered them and to this day can still remember them. They always consisted of me being a bystander in a dream of some type of murder of people I didn’t know. Children and adults. I was just a witness, no one ever acknowledged me as being there and I couldn’t stop what was happening. For a little while I thought maybe it was opening some psychic abilities and I was actually witnessing crimes being committed. I couldn’t stand it! It took a few days for the dreams to stop after I stopped taking it. If the dreams eventually subside, I may start taking it again but it was too much for me to handle at the time and was quite depressing to watch. I’m really interested to know why this happens to some people and not others though. What makes us different? Fascinating to say the least but so glad I’m not alone!!!

  41. I’ve been taking 50,000 iu of Vitamin d once a week for 4 weeks….and been having vivid dreams of things I did about 30 years ago and before, also weird unthinkable
    sexual dreams… I have 2 more weeks to take it……I’ll let you know if the dreams stop

  42. What a relief! It took me a while googling before I found this site.

    I’m 71 and, until now, I’ve seldom recalled dreaming. Recently I began taking vitamin D3 pills (in Scotland the winters are pretty cold and dark) and noticed that occasionally I was recalling very vivid dreams – unsettling, but not nightmares. Having read the postings it occurred to me that the recall incidents occurred on the occasions when I had forgotten to take the pills early in the day, and took them in the evening.

    Before embarking on the vitamin D course I spent a lot of time googling the subject, but did not come across any reference to its effects on dreaming. Hence my delight at finding this lengthening series of posts from those with a similar experience.

  43. I’ve been taking 1000 iu daily (in the morning) for about a year and I’ve been dreaming way too much (in my opinion) during that time. I feel less rested after a night of dreaming. I find my dreams to be very vivid, but not bad/frightening. Last night (in my dreams) a coworker from many years ago and I met at a grocery store and he was looking for “Internet salt.” I’m going to stop taking the vitamin for a while and see what happens to my dream life.

    BTW, if you’re wondering, Internet salt comes in a small white container with a blue label. You can find it at most any grocery store of your dreams.

  44. I hardly ever dream, every once in a great while I’ll remember a bit of a dream from the night before….and then I was diagnosed with an extremely low vitamin D level and my doctor put me on a high dosage of vitamin D…I started having odd strange dreams every single night and after a week or so of this I tried to think what I’ve been doing different that could have triggered this and it just dawned on me one morning the only thing different was the start of vitamin D so I researched it and there are tons of people out there who are saying the same thing! They’re not nightmares, just odd… people from my childhood I haven’t thought of in decades, really off the wall type stuff….strange….

  45. Nobody believes me either (except my mom), but I’ve been noticing this for over a year. I take Vitamin D once per week and I have one morning of vivid dreams per week, always the next day. It’s pretty consistent.

  46. Glad to know I’m not alone. Started taking Vit D just 1 week ago after my Dr prescribed 5k a day (atrocious blood work is to blame). Since day 1 I’ve noticed increased dreaming and more vivid dreaming, and I feel less rested. After reading all your posts, I’m hoping my body will adjust and I’ll feel more rested soon. Thanks for keeping this thread going!

  47. Started taking 10,000 IU daily for the past week for my acne and SAD..(its been helping a lot) I take a half dose at dinner and yes really elaborate and intense dreams every single night! I kind of brushed them off but when researching more about vitamin d today I came accross this and it was kind of an A-ha! moment. Sadly for me I do not remember the majority of these dreams in the morning, not sure why…

  48. Finally, I’ve found you guys :) I’ve had this thing as well, and the dreams were so strange and strong I just had to stop taking Vitamin D. At first I as taking 1600 IU per day. I believe it was during dinner but not sure. The dreams started a few days later. I had to stop. If I recall I also had strong pulse while waking up. Then, a few months later I started again, this time only 400 IU per day. The dreams came again after a few days.

  49. Omg yes!!! I am vitamin d deficient and have been for a few years and the basic dose of 1-2k iu’s wasn’t helping so 6 months ago my doc moved me up to 5000 iu’s. got my blood drawn and still showed deficient albeit a little better. So she put me on a 60 day regiment of 10,000 iu!
    I’ve been seeing the benefits but after about 2 weeks I started have incredibly vivid dreams!!! Like…woah. Not bad but just vivid! I find myself waking up multiple times during the night, which leaves me sooo tired the next day and repeat. I’m glad I decided to google it! I couldn’t figure out why It was happening and now I’m confident my theory was correct!
    BTW I take mine about 8am but I guess bc
    The dose is so high it still has the same dream effect even 12+ hrs later!

  50. I was glad to find this series of postings re Vitamin D and dreams. My dreams used to be vivid and interesting (in my youth) but lately seemed to go into a “pause”, just repeating the same scene over and over. I was taking required daily amount of Vitamin D via multivitamin and calcium supplement but that didn’t help. Then when I started taking Vitamin D-3 5000 IU every other day, my dreams improved and lost that “pause” quality. Interesting effect on my brain!

  51. Good afternoon everyone. I came upon this site from researching after finding my husband, a traumatic brain injury/stroke survivor who has been on Vitamin D along with other meds, very recently excelled in what I call dream states. After looking deeper into his medicines, which are very few Praise God, I dismissed that the problem to his waking up to toilet and his mind getting stuck in vivid dreams. His dreams seem to be of memory past in his career in electrical and manufacturing and I am grateful that over our 26 years we had great conversation so I am very familiar with his history of employment and activities. Due to his brain afflictions, he sleeps well, however recently upon waking, his mind stays in a dream state, vividly indicating he is still not alert though does toilet ok. It is during these times, always in the middle of night that after toileting he talks and acts like still dreaming. God has taught me over these couple years many things, one being how to redirect and wind down my husband from this state, thus successfully waking him from the dream state and getting back to bed, to sleep. Anyhow, because of recent increases to waking and being stuck in dream, and finding out today that his blood labs from last month showed high vitamin D and I was to discontinue giving him the daily dose of 1000u. I am wondering if perhaps there is a connection here. I am trying to think back over the past weeks and don’t know the answer but will certainly keep a watchful eye on his behavior through our nights to see if improved.

    I want to let you readers know because, we truly never know how even vitamins might affect our behavior or health and if this is a fact that I discover improves and might bless you if you find yourself in a similar circumstance – than thank you.

    May God bless you this day and always.
    Karen Nosbisch

  52. Me too! I’m D deficient so I was prescribed 50k I thought that was too high so I bought 10k iu’s and I am having tons of crazy dreams and I remember them too. Thanks for your post. (I’m a Midwesterner)

  53. Add me to the list. I was prescribed 5000iu of Vitamin D3 daily three weeks ago and ever since i have been having very vivid dreams and the ability to remember them the next day.

  54. The same thing has happened to me! After blood work showed I was severely vitamin D deficient, my doctor prescribed 5,000 IU per day. I took my first pill three days ago (I take it in the morning), and I have had one vivid, long (transpiring over the course of days), and memorable dream every night since then. I used to remember only flashes of my dreams (if I remembered any of them at all), but now I am remembering long stretches of them.

    I’m so glad to read that so many others have had similar reactions to taking vitamin D.

  55. Lee,
    I have been taking Vitamin D for a year or so and this last year have been having odd dreams . . . poss. because of it. I have stopped taking it twice for a month or so and have found–fpr me–a correlation between taking it and having these odd dreams.

    The dreams are what I have been calling–for my own use–nemesis dreams. My on-line dictionary defines nemesis as “the inescapable or implacable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall : the balance beam was the team’s nemesis, as two gymnasts fell from the apparatus.” This seems to be a good enough for now definition for my own peculiar experience with dreams and Vitamin D.

    This of course is not science though I am not going to bang that drum.

    Under “normal” circumstances I have now and then had this sort of nemesis dream and I do generally enjoy my dreams and seem to remember them a bit better than average . . . insofar as I can tell.

    I hope this response is useful.


  56. I started a vitamin B complex last night and 2 vitamin E capsules last night and then I had the most amazingly clear dream/nightmare I have ever had. It was so real, it woke me up, and then the dream was still playing in my head for the next couple of minutes. I could watch it like a movie. I woke up because I was scared, and since I couldn’t make the dream stop, it was very uncomfortable, but at least I knew I was dreaming. I am trying to find something on lucid dreaming, dreaming while awake, and vitamin E.

  57. I take 50,000 once weekly and since taking them I have had much more vivid and or disturbing dreams. To be clear that is what made me look up Does Vitamn D Cause You To Dream More. I can see this thread is a bit old and is ongoing, count me as a believer. I previously rarely had dreams and even less frewuently would remember them. I personally don’t believe it is a placebo affect ( like I would know anyway right?) I base this on never hearing of such a thing before. It surely wasn’t one of the things that my doctor mentioned as he gace me the meds. It just came about all of the sudden and I can only attribute it to the new pill.

  58. Wow… I was hoping to find scientific reasoning behind this but I’m relieved to see that I’m not the only one having the vivid dream experience after taking vitamin D3. I take it in the morning and each night, I have the most vivid and odd dreams. I would actually categorize them as nightmares almost since they are not necessarily pleasant. In fact, it’s a relief to wake up from them and I always hope that they don’t continue from where they left off once I fall back asleep. Anyway, maybe one day there will be some study’s done regarding this unrecognized side effect.

  59. Count me in. I googled vitamin d and weird dreams and found this spot. I rarely dream and I have been take 50,000 d2 each week for about 3 months now,( not quite religiously) and I have noticed the craziest dreams, I agree with some that they are borderline nightmares, not ghost-goblin type but hubby having a stroke that I may have caused type. I admit though they I don’t wake up tired afterwards like I normally do if I dream. I had a similar experience when taking SAM-e. I was chalking it up to being in my 40s, glad to see I’m not the only one.

  60. Me too, I just started on 20,000 D3 and wow the dreams started on day 1. They are amazingly vivid and quite exciting and always a little strange? I am glad i know what is causing them. I take my capsule at abound 10am but still have dreams at night. I heard that nicotine patches have a similar effect?

  61. I was getting the winter blues, I get really miserable so I thought I wonder if vitamin D will help as we don’t get much sun where I live in winter. So I started taking a supplement. I have been having really weird dreams since and then was trying to think of anything that could cause them as they were quite disturbing and the vitamin D was all I could come up with. So I searched for an answer, I’m so glad I came across this page as I was getting worried as to what triggered this. I think I will stop taking it..and try another method. Thanks

  62. I noticed I was remembering dreams soon after I started taking vitamin D since my blood test had told me I was only 22, instead of 50+. Before that I had been puzzled that I’d no dream recall whatsoever – going years back..

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